SUP Yoga Classes in El Palmar beach Cadiz, Vejer de la FronteraSup Yoga as it is commonly known, is a new discipline that combines the multiple benefits of Yoga with work on the surfboard, being an unstable surface and in constant movement, resulting in an effective and beneficial work of deep and stabilizing muscles that Make up our center or “core”. Discover a new way of feeling Yoga postures, where stability will be worked through the slight oscillatory movement of the surface of the water and trying to synchronize your breathing with the gentle rocking of the waves. Classes last approximately one and a half hours:

Brief explanation on the ground, basic characteristics, usage rules and safety of the material we are going to use:

  • Transport of Material and Positioning in the table.
  • Row on your knees and pass the break.
  • Get up and stand.
  • Body posture in the paddling, arms and legs.

Practical and guided in the water:

  • Water inlet and outlet.
  • Static and dynamic equilibrium.
  • Basic Spins and First Maneuvers

– Start of the SupYoga session:

  • Center and warm the column, Sun saludations.
  • Departure to the sea.
  • Placement of the group.
  • Anchoring tables and rowing fastening.
  • Sequences of yoga.
  • Meditation and Relaxation.
  • Return to shore and pick up equipment

Meditation and Relaxation on the table are also different, outdoor practice, connection with the elements and direct contact with Nature help to connect with your deepest and most authentic “I”. The practice of Sup Yoga is for all public and ages or families, since our methodology is based on security, fun and common sense, providing our classes a wide range of possibilities for all types of students.

SUP Yoga Lessons in El Palmar beach Cadiz Costa de la Luz