Santa Lucía

Today we introduce you a natural and different environment from what we have in La Janda region. Santa Lucía is a little district of Vejer de la Frontera located 3 kilometers from its urban area. Also known as the “Paraje de los Molinos”, it is declared a Natural Monument for its rich landscape.

Santa Lucía, with its approximately 200 habitants, has an economy based on agriculture due to its lush and fertile vegetation, fruit trees and orchards of the most varied thanks to a nutrient-rich soil and soil with an extraordinary capacity to store large amounts of water from the stream throughout the year.

What to see

The Roman aqueduct of Santa Lucía, is the hallmark of this hamlet, later reformed by the Muslims, it was built as a water conduction system to supply the orchards in the area.

The Water Mills of Santa Lucía, built in the 15th century, were owned by the Dukes of Medina Sidonia who collected a rent for their use. These five mills had names: Santa Lucía, Hoyo, Batán, Garrobo and Miraflores. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Count of Villariezo inherited Santa Lucía from the Casa Ducal and created an electricity company, which supplied the population of Vejer with electricity and water, becoming one of the first towns to have these services in private homes in the region.

Our recommendation:

From Livingcadiz we send you our recommendation of this beautiful and relaxing area outside the bustle of the beach in summer. It is a very green area and where listening to the water fall from the La Muela spring will transport you to another area of ​​the tropical world. We recommend you take a walk through Santa Lucía with or without children to the aqueduct and the mills, refresh yourself (in summer there is less water falling than in the rest of the year) and take a short walk in the area. When we return, we have two recommendations to regain strength, one addressed to those who love grilled Iberian meat and the other to who love traditional cuisine and of course with local products. The first recommendation is called La Castillería restaurant, we recommend you to make the reservation before go and enjoy the cuisine that its chef brings us, often luxury. Top quality Iberian meats! The place is so beautiful, romantic and the service excellent (in summer you have to be more patience than at other times of the year). It also has a small playground right next to it for the children. Our second recommendation, and for us is an almost monthly visit, is called La Venta el Toro. Authentic, traditional and very cozy, it has two terraces and the best eggs and chips in history 🙂 Look out for the “Guiso del día” that always surprises us, a lot of art on the stove and of course a kindness and excellent treatment from the managers and waiters. We hope you like them, you can also visit our Gastro-recommendations article!

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