Tarifa whale watching

Whale watching in Tarifa Strait of Gibraltar

The Strait of Gibraltar is a major highway that separates the two continents Europe and Africa. Here in LivingCadiz, we offer the opportunity to live an amazing experience in a unique location.

Tarifa and Strait Gibraltar Map

The whale watching in the Strait of Gibraltar and Tarifa will surprise you, sailing for 2-3 hours, we guarantee you to watch some of the 7 different species of cetaceans that live or pass through this channel 60 km long, 14.4 km wide and about 900 m. average depth.

Dolphins watching in Tarifa

The setting is stunning, a huge highway freighters, streams of cold water from the warm waters of the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea, Moroccan fishermen with small boats and rudimentary fishing gear and the chance to see many species of native or migratory mammals in the area.

Control cabin of the ship

We recommend this activity in Tarifa for the whole family, you will see and pass really close to Orcas, three kinds of local dolphins of the Strait, Cachalots, whales, in particular, Fin whales (2a world’s largest whale) sailing through this channel.

Tarifa Whale Watching

If you are interested in this activity just you have to contact us here or through this page and you will organize the trip to Tarifa! Do not think twice, and come and enjoy this unique experience in the world.