Tuna in Cadiz is a culinary heritage that we must explain here in the LivingCadiz blog. Tuna as the main engine of gourmet Costa de la Luz and the Millennial Tuna Rute: Conil, Barbate, Zahara, Tarifa and La Línea de la Concepción are the main stakeholders involved in the tuna route.

Tuna fishing is ancient and has much to tell here so we will give a short explanation of some basics and where go to taste the best product of the region.

  • What is a tuna trap or “almadraba”?

The word “almadraba” comes from Arabic and means where it is hit or fight. Tuna fishing in almadraba is an art used by the Phoenicians on the coast of Cadiz and was later used by the Romans. Consisted in installing a maze of networks over the tuna, which is usually close to the coast, the Atlantic to the Mediterranean during the months of April to June. It is a respectful artisanal fisheries, not aggressive with the species and the environment. We recommend a visit to any almadraba of the coast that we can organize right here by sending us a message on our contact form.

Through these visits to the almadrabas of Barbate and Zahara, for example, you will see live how the “ronqueo tuna” is, ie its exploded with spectacular landscapes that offer these stretches of the coast that runs from Cape Trafalgar to Punta Camarinal.

Where to eat or buy a tuna from almadraba in Conil de la Frontera:

  • Food market: small but stocked during the months of April to June you will find tuna from almadraba to some other local species such as the sea bream, red snapper and sea bass. 
  • Route tuna from almadraba: for a month between May and June is being held one week where several establishments which in those days made ​​a special menu dedicated to tuna from almadraba. Besides other activities like the cover of tuna to taste tapas are made to a symbolic price in tents set up in a central square and in which a ronqueo (cutting) of a tuna is offered. 

Where to eat or buy in Barbate:

  • Gourmet Tuna Week: is held in May each year.
  • Preserved: La Chanca, Gadira, Herpac.
  • Restaurants and Bars: Our favourite Restaurant El Campero, La Bocana, Abelardo Tavern for example … 

Where to eat or buy in Zahara de los Atunes:

  • Restaurants and bars: Casa Juanito, Taberna El Campero, La Botica, among others.
  • Route tuna from almadraba: is held in May and you can taste this fish in many ways by the bars and restaurants of the town.

Where to eat or buy in Tarifa:

  • Rate cannery shops offering all kinds of canned fish. Along with the tuna from almadraba to be found “and frigate mackerel” products of Tarifa (Title Specific) of Andalusia..
  • Restaurants and Bars: El Ancla, El Picoteo, Cuatro Esquinas, El Francés, Los Mellis, for example. 


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