Vejer de la Frontera

Unforgetable walks throught Vejer’s streets

Vejer de la Frontera is located in the southwest side of Cadiz province, inside La Janda Region and next to the Atlantic ocean, Conil de la Frontera, Chiclana, Medina Sidonia, Tarifa and Barbate. Declared a Historic Site and awarded the National Embellishment Award, Vejer preserves and transmits its Arab heritage on all four sides.

Twinned with the Moroccan village of Chaouen, they have many similarities embodied in their architecture of narrow streets and whitewashed houses (although in Chaouen predominate the blue tones). According to legend, a Moroccan emir fell madly in love and married a villager from Vejer. When the Muslims were expelled by the reconquest, the emir, driven by the love he felt for her, decided to recreate that place where he was so happy with his beloved.

Arco de la Segur , Vejer de la Frontera

Arco de la Segur

Another characteristic point of Vejer is its location, seated on a beautiful walled hill, you can contemplate magnificent views of the entire municipality to observe the Atlantic Ocean in its immensity. The town still conserves in good condition several towers (of the Mayorazgo, San Juan and La Corredera) and the four doors of the medieval town integrated to the perfection in the urban set: the one of Arco de la Segur, Villa, Sancho IV and Puerta cerrada.

Plaza de España Vejer de la Frontera

It has its origins in the sixteenth century when the city overflows the walled enclosure

The castle (11C-16C) is located in the highest part of the old town, accessing it by a beautiful horseshoe arch. It combines Muslim and Christian elements. For these cultural reasons, it is worth a visit to Vejer de la Frontera on your next vacation.


A little less than 9 kilometers from the town of Vejer de la Frontera we find one of the most famous beaches of the Cadiz coast, El Palmar beach. About 7 kilometers of fine golden sands and an amazing contrast with the clarity of its waters and its beautiful natural environment highly respected 🙂
Well known Surf destination among wave lovers, you can perform incredible surf sessions, surf lessons, kayaking, SUP paddle, fishing and other water sports.

Do you feel like a Surf lessons? We can help you with that!!. Also you can book a house in El Palmar for your next surf holidays, next to this incredible beach. By the way, the sunset from this beach will leave you speechless!

El Palmar beach Cádiz

Sunset from El Palmar beach (Vejer-coast)

Following the characteristics and tourist attractions of this municipality of Cadiz, of wide proportions, we recommend a visit to the spectacular settlement of Santa Lucia. With micro-tropical climate this small-town is located in the middle of nature, with a couple of spectacular restaurants with traditional receipts, as Venta el Toro or for meat-lovers,La Castillería, you can do a sporting morning starting with a good hiking trail for the whole family , visiting the natural pool (with water only in winters and springs) and the archaeological remains of the Roman Aqueduct.

Another good point that will leave your mouth wide open is the varied and excellent cuisine. 10 out 10 are its rich fruits and vegetables from its fertile orchards. All this without forgetting the seasonal cuisine based on wild products such as tagarninas, artichokes and snails harvested in its municipal area.
A special role has the rich fish and seafood that is obtained in our coasts bathed by the Atlantic. The seafood rices and the fried fishes are famous in the restaurants and bars of El Palmar beach, a few meters from the sea.

Also we have to mention the organic retinto meat (native beef breed), much appreciated and tasty, and pork products, which are handmade at butcher shops such as manteca de lomo, black pudding, sausages and “manteca colorá”.

Finally, we can not forget about our artisan confectionery. We love cakes, roscos, as well as the Arab sweets and other specialties like the “Rosquitos” with cinnamon and lemon or the “minipestiños”.

Charms in Vejer de la Frontera streetsTo finish we want to invite you to wander yourselves through the streets of Vejer, live and get lost among its steep slopes and alleys, its doors, its callers, its small windows, everything in its streets is admirable. Each corner, each crossroads will show the most amazing and beautiful places of a town that takes great care of its image and preserves it almost intact. We leave you this video that summarizes many reasons (here commented) and many others to come and visit Vejer de la Frontera! We wait for you!!

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