Leave behind the hectic and stressful daily life, abandon everything. Take care of your body and mind infusing new energy through exercise, meditation, a healthy diet and being in contact with the nature. Yoga holidays is all this and more.

LivingCadiz gives you the chance to enjoy your yoga holidays with accommodation and two daily yoga classes (morning and evening). You will stay for a week in houses located near the beach and surrounded by pine forests. So you can be nourished by the energy of the environment, the light, the sea, the wind and the characteristic pine forests of the province of Cadiz; in addition to enjoy all the benefits that the practice yoga will provide you.

Yoga is part of Indian philosophy and it can be defined as a set of techniques that provide the most effective tools, proven for centuries that can help and encourage a deep understanding of the body, increase vital energy, purify the body and find a better psycho-physical balance. Yoga postures (asana) involve all parts of the body and all internal organs in order to eliminate physical and emotional tensions that complicate the achievement of a natural state of being.

Whatever your level is, through the practice of yoga you will experience a harmonious physical, emotional, mental and spiritual change that only yoga can offer you to reconnect with your inner self.

Joana Sanchez, yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance in India, will guide your daily practice combining various techniques such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy, Pranayama and Meditation.

This Yoga holidays are planned for small group of people, from 4 to 10, so every student will receive attention in order to get most benefit and development in their individual practice.

For further information and booking please visit our LivingPack > Yoga Holidays or drop us an email to yoga@livingcadiz.com.