3D Map of Tarifa and Strait Gibraltar

The whale watching in Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar is one of the nicest activities you could enjoy here on the Costa de la Luz of Cadiz. LivingCadiz tells you and gives you the opportunity to live this incredible experience through this page.

The Strait of Gibraltar has a width of 14.4 km. and 60km long, separating the two continents of Europe and Africa, and under the water where two tectonic plates: the Eurasian and African, so it is reasonable that reach depths exceeding 900 meters.

Common Dolphin in Tarifa Whale watching

There are 7 different species in the Strait of Gibraltar, some are residents who we can see throughout the year (common dolphin, striped dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and pilot whale) and the rest, however, they are semi-resident and migratory species only observed at certain times of year (Orca, Cachalot and fin whale).

The sperm whale (whale is the largest teeth of the Earth) is sighted mainly during May, June and July. Already during the first fortnight of August sightings of this species they begin to be quite casual, and consider absent during the second half of August and first of September, to return to be sighted during the fall. It feeds on large squid.

Sightings of killer whale (the whale, and probably the second mammalian species, most widely distributed after the man), are conducted from mid-July to about mid-August to coincide with the migration of large bluefin tuna from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. It is obvious that their presence in the area has food purposes.

Dolphins watching in Tarifa

Finally, most sightings of fin whales (the second bigger whale in the world after the blue whale. It can reach up to 25 meters and weight of the adult reaches 75 tons) are conducted during the months of May and June . These huge whales pass through the the Strait of Gibraltar very quickly always sailing into the Atlantic. It seems clear that the Strait of Gibraltar is included in the migratory route of this species.

Fin whale watching in Tarifa

The probability of watching any of the species is 95%, in case that we do not see anything, we give you a second chance so then you will enjoy and experience this wonderful activity for all the family.

Dolphin watching in Tarifa


  • Do not feed the animals, do not throw anything into the sea, do not shout, do not run on the boat and do not touch the animals. Use camera without flash.
  • We will approach the animals with caution avoiding bother using the distance, direction and speed recommended by the Spanish Legislation and Regulations ACCOBAMS.
  • We ask that parents / guardians / teachers to continuously occupy the children under their responsibility.
  • Use camera without flash. As soon as we notice any sign of disturbance in the behavior of the animals leave the area where the animals are.
  • Sunscreen, hat, coat and comfortable shoes.
  • If you want to prevent motion sickness you can take some medicine half an hour before boarding.

The whale watching last about 2 hours depending on weather conditions and performed, one in the morning around 12:00 and another in the afternoon around 17:00. If you are interested in enjoy this activity and you have any questions or concerns send us the form below, Thanks!