LivingCadiz is an online company founded in 2014 comprised of professionals in the tourism sector. Therefore we have become specialists in vacation houses and holiday apartments and transparency, trust and security are our premises. If you have a question about how we work, you can check all our policies here or contact us.

How does payment work?

To guarantee your booking, you just have to make a pre-payment (30%) of the total amount of the booking by bank transfer to the account that we will provide you. The balance remaining (the rental amount) you will pay directly to the LivingCadiz staff that will be waiting for you on the arrival day at the house.

Comments Policy

LivingCadiz takes very seriously the transparency and integrity of the comments of their guests. This policy has been created to ensure that the system is used in a correct and impartial manner.

LivingCadiz ensures that only users who have made a booking with us can write a review on an apartment/house in our website. The only way to access to the Quality Survey is through a link we send to the customer after the stay. LivingCadiz publishes all comments in the website, both positive and negative. Comments only will be removed if:

  • LivingCadiz has a reason to believe that the apartment owner is trying to manipulate the comments system, we will take the necessary actions, such as deleting all your properties and all the comments in the website related until the matter is resolved.
  • Includes offensive or threatening language.
  • Mention the name/surname of the owner / contact person and/or address of the house/apartment.
  • It is spam (eg advertising of any kind).

Refund Policy

LivingCadiz refund the booking amount paid by bank transfer in the following circumstances, once it has beed provided that the customer has met its obligations detailed in the General Conditions (link below):

  • In the case that an overbooking occurs, and when neither LivingCadiz nor the owner of the house / apartment have been able to offer an alternative apartment that will please the customer.
  • In the case that an apartment does not offer accommodation standards and detailed website LivingCadiz equipment, and only when the customer has notified LivingCadiz than 24 hours after check-in and neither the owner nor LivingCadiz been able to find an alternative apartment house / apartment that satisfies the customer.
  • In the case of an emergency that makes the house / apartment uninhabitable at any time of stay, and provided the customer notifies LivingCadiz than 24 hours after the emergency has occurred and that neither occurs nor LivingCadiz were able to find alternative accommodation owner that will please the customer.

Modifications policy 

Changes to bookings are always subject to availability, to the maximum capacity of the house in particular, at current prices, and conditions which will be discussed below. Each booking modification has 20€ management costs and is applied directly to the time of confirming the change.

Dates Modifications

The modification of the dates it is possible by written notice to LivingCadiz team and as long as there is availability in the house/apartment booked.

  • Increase in number of days: it is possible if the house is available for the dates and after payment the difference between the original amount paid for transfer and the new amount of the extra nights.
  • Reduction in number of days: only with more than 15 days to arrival date and we won’t refund the original amount paid by bank transfer.

Changing the number of people

  • Increasing number of persons: it is possible when the house/apartment has enough capacity. Only changes will be made after payment of the difference between the original amount paid by bank transfer and the new amount of booking.
  • Reducing the number of people: only with more than 15 days to arrival date and we won’t refund the original amount paid by bank transfer.

Cancellations and no-shows

In case of cancellation of the booking by the client, the amount of the reservation will only be refunded if notice is given with more than 15 days to the arrival date. Regarding the rental amount will depend on the cancellation policy owner of each house / apartment. If a house / apartment does not have its own cancellation policy, any amount of rent paid by the customer may not be returned in case of cancellation by the customer or abandonment of the property before the departure date.

Customers must communicate your cancellation by email, and any cancellation by the customer, including force majeure, or no-show in the house, will be subject to the above cancellation policy.

Terms and Conditions

The customer should carefully review the specific conditions of the house / apartment wants to book. Each owner sets specific conditions (explained in details apartment at the time of booking) you must specify the contact person when you get your data in email booking confirmation. Making the booking, the customer is accepting the conditions of the house/apartment you are going to book.

  • The customer should notice the contact person specified in the email confirmation booking with the arrival time 3 days before the arrival day.
  • You have to respect the property, furniture and equipment.
  • It can not accommodate more people than stated in the booking contract.
  • It is not allowed to perform any illegal activity during the stay in the house.
  • The client must be prepared for the possibility of signing a rental contract on arrival day at the house and to pay the amount remaining of the booking in the specified type of payment (normally will be in cash).
  • In order to be able to answer to any complaint, the customer must communicate as soon as possible and in any event no later than 24 hours from the time of arrival or the incidence occur, to both the owner and LivingCadiz Staff written email, any failure in the performance of the contract to be checked on site, including photos if relevant. If the consumer fails to communicate over time and in the way indicated, you can not make a complaint, and you will carry with all damages caused by or made worse, as explained by our Policy Cancellations. 

In turn, LivingCadiz communicates the following:

  • LivingCadiz acts in good faith and as an intermediary in the contracting of the services offered on its website.
  • LivingCadiz can not alter the conditions of service of each property owner.
  • The pictures and information displayed on our site are made by the LivingCadiz Staff.
  • LivingCadiz only be liable for direct damage attributable shortcoming of our obligations in respect of our services, up to an amount corresponding to the amount of the reserve, as indicated in the email confirmation.

Therefore, any case of booking cancellation due to strikes, force majeure or other acts beyond our control will not be assumed by LivingCadiz. However, in the event that the booked house property is not available, we will offer identical features accommodation and in case you can not offer the alternative, the reservation will be canceled and LivingCadiz will refund the amount paid for the reservation.

Other conditions

LivingCadiz acts as a mere intermediary agency users and owners, which must be verified in each case the conditions applicable to the chosen accommodation and requirements contained therein, such as maximum check-in/out hours, rules of the house, pets allowed, cancellation policies, etc.

Applicable law

These conditions of contract are governed by Spanish law.

Simply by accessing or using this website you agree fully and without reservation the conditions set forth herein.