Yoga classes have a duration of 1 and half hours. They can be individual or in groups, with a maximum of 12 people, so the teacher can follow closely the development of correct postures and correct small misalignments in the postures of the students. Generally, the class consisting of:

  • A relaxation technique singing some Hindu or Tibetan mantras (syllables or short texts that induce the mind to be free of the constant flow of thoughts and lead the person to a deep concentration state).
  • A kapalabhati-cycle (“cleaning the skull” in Sanskrit) breathing techniques that purified respiratory, blood cells and devices in general.
  • Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) which, according to the level of the class, the teacher will guide Hatha or Vinyasa style variations.
  • Several postures (asanas): standing, sitting, twisting, bending forward or backward extension and reverse positions.
  • A few minutes of relaxation in Savasana (or “dead position” in Sanskrit), accompanied by a sweet, slow breathing, to calm the body, mind and spirit.

If you are having a good holidays in Costa de la Luz Cadiz and want to complete with a Yoga lesson, please contact us to organize and Yoga lesson in our place, in the beach, sunrise or sunset. Also, in the case you are looking for accommodation maybe you prefer to combine Yoga lesson staying in one of our Villas in Costa de la Luz. Click in the following link to find more details of this: LivingPack> Yoga Holidays.