Our TOP10 food recommendations

From Livingcadiz, after the last years living in our beautiful Cadiz coast, cannot miss the opportunity to recommend to all readers of this article and who are visiting the area staying or not in any of our holiday houses what for us are the best restaurants / bars. As we do not name them without a reason, we have a foundation and of course we are loyal customers to them and we love to eat their food. Because of that and because we want you to enjoy them too, here we write our TOP 10 restaurants in the region. We hope you can go and tell us how was your experience.

Almadraba red tuna

Well, having said that, we will begin to list our gastro-food recommendations of the region from north to south of this wonderful Costa de la Luz in Cádiz, starting from Novo Santi Petri (Chiclana de la Frontera) to Zahora beach in the municipality of Barbate . Surely we will leave some more restaurants in the inkwell but we only have 10 on the list 🙂

La Huerta del Novo. After 12 years in the gap, this Farm School – Restaurant is the perfect place for the little ones of the family. It has obtained several blue flags as a qualified environmental center during previous years. La Huerta del Novo Restaurant in Chiclana offers traditional food and homemade dishes and desserts. Almost everything is own production, the vegetables from the garden, it has a barbecue, a large space and a playground for children. Attached to the dining room the little ones can see and touch many animals like the farm-school that it is. All the information in detail and to make reservations you have it on their website – https://www.lahuertadelnovo.com/restaurante/

Taberna Pizzería El Caserio. Located in the middle of the Roche pine forest, about 10 minutes by car from any of our family holidays villas in Roche, it offers a variety food specialized in fine and crunchy pizzas made in a wood oven and good quality meats cooked in charcoal grill. Cool! We love to go as a family, the hearty salads are so tasty with all vegetables from the Conil garden. As they do not have a website, we leave you their TripAdvisor link. Buon appetito!

Club Nautico de Conil. Next to the fishing port of Conil, we recommend the Náutico de Conil, a recently renovated place with fresh fish and our favorite black paella, but check-this out! They only cook it on Saturdays at noon, reserve your table and let yourself be surprised by the waiter’s suggestions. By the way, the views are unbeatable and the atmosphere very warm! Hey-ho!

Francisco Fontanilla. A classic one in Conil if you like fish and seafood this is your place. The product is first class, fresh and selected every day. It is located just next to the beautiful Fontanilla beach, near the town and its beach avenue. For us, a good loin of snapper (Pargo) a la roteña, with a great white wine glass and right in front of the sea is priceless! Reserve your table through its website – http://www.franciscofontanilla.com/

Malabata. We take off our hats every time we come to Malabata, seriously, traditional cuisine with an innovative touch and all with first-class and local products. The adequate value for money and the service is excellent. Our daughter eats better in Malabata than at home !! For us our favorite in Conil de la Frontera, no mistake. They do not have a website so we leave you the TripAdvisor link. Don’t miss it when you come here during your next Conil vacation!

Retinto cow meat

Resturante Patría. For more than 10 years, this Danish family has offered us a magnificent, fresh, varied and very detailed cuisine. Outside the summer months they prepare a spectacular buffet, always using seasonal products and most of them local from the Janda region. Do not miss this experience, they are located in the small area of Patria (Vejer de la Frontera). More information on its website – https://restaurantepatria.com/es/

La Castilleria. As we have already mentioned you in the previous post from Santa Lucía, and if you are especially passionate about grilled Iberian meat, this place will make you go up to the moon! Meats are top quality and the atmosphere is beautiful, calm, full of life and nature. Without a doubt, it is worth giving you a tribute and coming to visit its creator Juan Valdés. Check the website and make your reservation – http://www.restaurantecastilleria.com/

Jardín del Califa. Well, one of the great gastronomic references of La Janda and Andalusia, coming to dinner at this restaurant makes you travel gastronomically to North Africa. One of the most popular restaurants in Vejer de la Frontera that is located in a 16th century barn, with a garden full of palm trees, aromatic plants and cactus plants. El Jardín del Califa takes its inspiration from the time when the Arabs ruled over 700 years ago, without a doubt, it is another unforgettable gastronomic experience and there are already several that we are recommending to you 😉

Local vegetables in la Janda

Casa Juan. On foot from the beautiful El Palmar beach, and a few minutes from several of our holiday houses, we have to recommend you one of our favorite and recently renovated restaurant. If it is true that the quality / price ratio has dropped after the reform compared to 3 or 4 years ago, but still everything is very good, traditional cuisine with products from the area, and you know what, we are very lucky with local products here in Cadiz! Be sure to go and try it!

Venta Curro. It is always or almost always full, as the typical restaurant of traditional Cadiz cuisine with very varied tapas and very rich desserts. Do not miss it, although it is not on the beach, it is close with walking distance and the beer is freaking cold! Venta Curro is located on the main street that gets the spectacular and familiar Zahora beach. In this link you can see the holiday houses in Zahora for your next trip down here – https://livingcadiz.com/en/vacation-rentals-cadiz/holiday-houses-in-zahora-beach/